Translate survey

The translate screen can be accessed as a translator or as an Opinio user. If accessed by a translator, the navigation links and menu are not visible. Essentially, he/she is not logged into Opinio as a user, only a translator, and should not see the menus. The screen lists all visible text in the survey. Use Save and return button if you want to save the filled texts and return back and continue translating. Use Save and exit if you want to save the changes and leave the screen. If some of the texts are left empty, the text <@empty@> will displayed in the translated survey when respondents access the translation.

When translating, it is important to note:

The first part lists all the survey attributes that contain visible text. This includes heading, title, footer, header, buttons and messages. Status text indicates whether or not all attributes are up to date. All attributes must be translated before survey attributes are set to up to date. If the attributes in the survey are changed after translation, the flag is again set to needs update.

Each section is listed with all its questions. Each section and each question has an up to date-flag associated with it. The section flag is unrelated to the question flags and refers to texts that are linked with the section itself and not a particular question, such as section title and section texts (listed before and after questions).

The question area lists visible text within a question, such as the question text, answer labels and validators.

It is important to remember that if the translate-screen is saved with text present in all fields, the flag is set to up to date, even if it is currently showing needs update, and no text in the translation is modified. Also notice that the texts in parenthesis are labels to make translation easier (indicating what the texts represent), and should not be translated.