Chart attributes

The chart attributes within an element can be customized in great detail. Changes made to the report element, only affects the current report element. The screen for editing the element's chart attributes (click on "Chart attributes" from the report element list):

The reports can be made simpler or more detailed depending on which option you turn on or off:

The chart attributes for a report element is very flexible, but may seem complicated to inexperienced users. It is not required to make any changes here, unless you have specific requirements for your charting.

To edit or add a chart attribute, select the attribute you want to edit/change in the attribute drop-down list. An example value for this attribute is displayed to the right. Enter your desired value, and click the "add/update" button. If the attribute does not already exist, it will be added to this report element, otherwise it will be changed to the new value.

Available bar chart attributes:

Available pie chart attributes: