Cell groups

You often need to group matrix cells, to be able to do ratings, rankings or just to set the same background color. You can only group the cells that are adjacent to each other.

NOTE: cell groups can not intersect.

Cell group list

List of the existing cell groups is displayed on the main matrix screen. From here you can delete groups, create new groups and edit the existing ones.

NOTE: when you delete a cell group with rating cells, the rating cells are removed because this cell type is not allowed outside the cell groups.

Creating cell group

The cell group screen look like this:


When you create a new group or change the existing group type, some of the cell types in the group might change to match the group type. For example if you change group type from Rating to Intersection, all rating buttons will be replaced with checkboxes.


For better control of the space between the labels, you can use html code for "space" -> &nbsp. E.g. In a label, write &nbspTEXT&nbsp. (nbsp = non breaking space). Repeat this code if you need more spaces: &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp... The reason you must use this code, is that browsers will ignore more than one space. This space-code will force more spaces. For more tips on HTML, see HTML hints. Another way to control this, is through CSS files. See the section called “Survey look and feel”.

Example 6. Cell group Rating

Example 7. Cell group Ranking

Example 8. Cell group Intersection

Example 9. Cell group Checkboxes

Example 10. Cell group Custom